Tuesday, September 7, 2010

in REAL SLAVERY your Hidden Dream?Have you ever dreamt of spending the rest of  your Life in the hands of a Supreme ,Educated,Powerful  woman ?  To exist ONLY 4 HER Pleasure ? Being a DOORMAT Beneath  HER Divine Feet ? A Living FULL Toilet for HER Divine Waste ? To open your mouth to receive everything that comes out of HER Divine Holes,and being Grateful for  this Honor ? To  have NO other purpose  in Life than to be Beneath HER ? If  your answer is -"Yes"!  and you have the GUTS to tease your Destiny as the slave you ARE ,then you may approach ME ! With the UTMOST Respect ! One liners and stupid mails will be DELETED ! Dont  sent  me chatting  invitations or  to  add me to your collection of pictures of others ! I will NOT respond ! Don,t dare to send me any pictures of your pathetic cock either ! It means NOTHING to ME ! You will NEVER have MY attention in this way .Im a EUROPEAN Goddess of Hungarian/Swedish origin .So  English is NOT my native tongue and i speak  FOUR other languages besides my own !  How many YOU speak Worms ? Im EXTREME and without ANY LIMITS ! Except kids and anything illegal  of course .Looking for a  Female 24/7 Total Slave ( 18-40 ) and  a Male OVER 40 for a Life in Real  Slavery ! . So  KIDS under 40,DONT WASTE MY TIME ! There are plenty of FemDomme movies on the net to  wank yourself to ! NOT ON MY TIME ! Don,t send me winks ,chat or webcam invitations either .MY Free time is very limited ,and therefor Precious ! So  NO TIME to  waste it  with   unknown  LOSERS ! If  you want to approach me ,send a POLITE E-mail and tell me about  your  daily  life and slave dreams .Include a FACE picture IF you want  to get MY attention ! Don,t even try  to  Fool ME !  I,m MUCH MORE CLEVER than ANY of  you ...........WORMS !  You must be willing to travel and meet me in person .IF 24/7 TOTAL
this  slave is from  united kingdom 35 year's old,he is my toilet slave..he also signed  the contract and register here,as my slave..to be my official slave..

He is past away 1 year ago..he is my last slave..
that is why i am looking for new slave now.
SLAVERY is what you really crave ,then dare to CRAWL towards ME ! You DONT need to  eat My Scat ( I love to Feed u  ! )  to be  a Total  slave ! There are  sooooooooooooooooo MANY ways I can USE you !  Be AWARE of what you ARE before you approach ME ! Don,t just look at the pictures of My Ass !  READ MY WORDS IN DEPTH TOO !  MY REAL POWER is within My Mind !  And Im gonna  Fuck ...........your  Mind ........FIRST !! Let ME USE you ! You crave it !  Don,t you ? You ALWAYS used to dream about  it !  Leave your fears behind ,forget your DEAD PAST ,and CRAWL towards ME ! I,m your Eternal Now !  Your Nirvana !  Your  Hell and Paradise combined !  Is  MY WAY .............or  the .......HIGHWAY !!    P.S. 1  YES i have another Profile TOO !  Do  YOU have a problem with it  worms ? I travel in 3 continents !
HE is  slaveforever from USA ,TX,i owned him for 3 years,and now he is unowned brecause of some reason's,i put the barcode on him as a proof that he is my slave.he is now in the UK,living there with his wife....he is a very good slave,obedient,loyal and honest..

About Me

! Have you ever been out of your little town /village ?? My pictures are ALL REAL and IM 100 times better in person !! FEW of you , they may see more ! And about 24/7 because 90% of you here have WRONG Idea what a 24/7 slave is . The 24/7 slave IM looking for ,MUST have a job and social life ,and he WILL be MY TOTAL SLAVE ,AFTER he finish with his Obligations .Im NOT looking for someone who needs to be in a Cage the whole day ! I have a Busy life ,and MY Slave Must have a Full life too ,and be My slave after that .